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In this economy, many people have become “entrepreneurs” — some voluntarily, some… not so much.
  • Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones, who chooses to blaze the entrepreneur’s path. But do you treat your business LIKE a business? Or are you an Accidental Entrepreneur…?
  • Or perhaps you were an employee, and were downsized… now you are a “consultant.”
  • Or perhaps you: rent a chair in a hair salon;  are trying out an MLM; make money tutoring, painting, tearing down, building up, massaging, selling, or…name your “non-salaried” verb here.

…does marketing often take a back seat…?

…because there’s no time to stuff the pipeline when you’re busy doing the work that pours out of it . . . until it stops. For most entrepreneurs, marketing is secondary, and when you take time to think about it, it’s already too late.

…are you flying first class — or “by the seat of your pants” — in your business…?

All “planned” companies have a written Business Plan. Do you?

Your Business Plan needs to demonstrate immediately, in a trackable fashion, how best to manage your Limited Resources: Your Time, Your Money, and perhaps most importantly, Yourself.

By actually formalizing a Business Plan, you structure what you are building. You will hone in on your audience by understanding what your business is designed to provide to your clientele. You will understand how you’ll know when you are successful. And you’ll set goals and a path to get there, step by step, with actionable, time-based goals!

But a Business Plan takes months to write, right? No – you will walk out of Day 1 with one!


Do you really want to be more successful? Do you want to be ahead of the majority of your competitors, who haven’t even thought about next year? Come to this workshop and map out a blueprint for success! 

Once you have a Business Plan (Day 1) – you know where your business is going and why – then it’s time to get the word out (Day 2).

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most influential type of advertising, but how do you get people to know, like and trust you enough to refer you? And how do you spend your marketing budget wisely, instead of paying big bucks on systems that you don’t really know how to use, don’t need, and weren’t specifically designed by you, for you? (Yes, we’ve done it too, you’re not alone.)

We can’t do it for you – but we can give you a system where you can set it and forget it. On Day 2, you will learn tricks from Jim Horan (The One-Page Business Plan), Joe Girard (Guinness World Book of Records’ Greatest Salesman), Steven Covey (7 Habits of Highly Successful People), Ivan Misner (BNI: Business Networks International) and Harvey Mackay (Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive) that you can immediately apply to your business.

…Should You Attend This Business Blast-Off Master Class? Yes, If:

  • you’re ready to do the work to reap the rewards! (NOTE: Yes, work . . . there is a required Pre-Launch Prep Kit before the class that will take a while to complete . . . that’s why this class isn’t a few thousand dollars and a whole week, because we are expecting you to do the 5 modules of “self-study” required beforehand!)
  • you vowed that This Is The Year you’ll have an actionable business plan.
  • you’re “winging it” when it comes to planning, managing, and marketing.
  • Marketing and trackable goals are the last thing on your “To Do” list  — until your pipeline evaporates and you frantically try to get the word out, throwing money haphazardly at marketing that “might work.”
  • you don’t even know how to set realistic, measurable goals.
  • you just want someone to tell you what to do, and when!
  • You have a business that you’re ready and willing to soar to the stratosphere! 

…Why you will get phenomenal value from this course:

You will learn and implement a system to ignite your business through:

  • A one-page business plan to propel your company to the next level by having a unique path to follow that you yourself will actualize. (Day One)
  • Strategic S.M.A.R.T. Goals tied to your plan of action. (Day One)
  • Marketing using the cost-effective Fempower™ Strategic Relationship System to keep clients happy & attract new ones easily using a system outlined and tested by a world leader in studying successful businesses. (Day Two)
  • A method to develop a relationship of trust with a large network of people. (Day Two)
  • A 24/7/365 calendar detailing exactly what to do when in 2013 to achieve the most and best success, utilizing the ancient practice of Classical Feng Shui date selection. This is no New Age, “woo-woo” theory – thousands of years of energetic practice back up this science. (Day Three)

The amazing three-day schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Designing a Concise 2013 Business Plan & S.M.A.R.T. Goals for your specific business: Craft the path for your business to follow, with measurable, strategic, time- and date-tied goals for this year. ($650 value) – 9:30am (registration), class 10:00am-4:00pm

Day 2: Marketing Techniques: Implement the Fempower™ Strategic Relationship System to build a high-touch system for word-of-mouth marketing, utilizing SendOutCards* to propel your business forward. ($350 Value) 10:00am-4:00pm

Day 3: TimeBlazr™ Calendar System: Optimize your entire annual calendar with the best days to market your business, make contacts with clients, re-energize an old project, maximize your time and efforts — also, what days to “lay low”! ($800 Value) – date to be given out at January class

*Must already be a SendOutCards client, with your customer contacts loaded and grouped. Instructions provided in Pre-Launch Prep Kit, immediately available (with other required “Preparatory” items) upon paying for the Workshop.

Early Bird Special: Before Midnight on December 30th: $1800 $789**

After December 30th: It’s still a steal at $1800 $989**

If you only wish to take Day Three: Before Midnight on December 30th: $800 $589**

If you only wish to take Days One and Two: Before Midnight on January 3, 2013: $1000 $589**

**This is a Cash Price, Paid in Full in advance of the workshop. 
(credit card options available; see Paypal link. No refunds on all early bird specials)

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What could it mean to you in “cold, hard cash”?…

Watch the video below, to hear how a painter client attributes $220,000 of new business after implementing ONLY Day Two of this system — and is on track to double that this year!

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Business Blastoff 3-Day Master Class Payment

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